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How to Set Up N1MM Logger Plus

We suggest the following settings in N1MM Plus for participating in the Club QSO Party:

Note: N1MM will not be able to score this correctly. All we ask is a summary of your results. Results can be submitted using the forms listed above.


  • In the main N1MM window, click on “file”.

It is recommended to set up a new database, you can use an existing one if you choose.

  • Click on “Contest”, and start a new contest using the “DX” contest category from the list.
  • Set up your station data under the “Config” window.
  • Press CTRL-O (Control- O) and enter your callsign if operating as yourself or your club’s callsign if operating as a club station.
  • You may keep the same log because the stations you contact count as your own.
  • At the end of the contest count the stations signing /### and those that are not.
  • Visit this page to see any club stations worked for bonus points. List the bonus stations contacted in your submission.
  • Use the appropriate results submission form for yourself or your club.

Have fun and good luck!!

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K2AA Club QSO Party Operations Timetable