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The SJRA meets 7:30 pm every third Wednesday of the month. For dates, see the Club Calendar. The location is The Gibson House, 535 East Main Street, Marlton, NJ 08053. Our meetings are open to everyone, and the Gibson House is handicap accessible.

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Previous Programs

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Month Program
April 2019 The New AMSAT CubeSat Simulator: A Satellite In Your Hand, Alan Johnston, KU2Y AMSAT VP for Educational Services
March 2019 Flex Radio Systems SDR Radios - Ria, N2RJ
February 2019 White Elephant Auction
January 2019 Estate and Members Winter Spring Cleaning Auction
December 2018 Annual Holiday Party and Awards
November 2018 Meet and Greet
October 2018 Introduction to Contesting - John, W2FDJ
September 2018 Annual Consignment Auction
August 2018 Get Ready for the September VHF Contest - Ken, K2WB
July 2018 Webinar with Mike, WA9PIE of Ham Radio Deluxe
June 2018 SJRA President Ken Brotterbodt, K2WB and Field Day 2018
May 2018 Storm Robotics Team
April 2018 Introduction to Remote Control: How to Get Started Using "RemoteHams" - Bob, KE2D
March 2018 Demystifying DMR Radio - Tony, N2ATB and Mario N2AK
February 2018 White Elephant Auction
January 2018 Estate and Members Winter Spring Cleaning Auction
December 2017 SJRA Holiday Party
November 2017 August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, Rich VonLintig, KV2R
October 2017 How to Build Magnetic Loop Antennas, Dennis Cioffi, AC2FO
September 2017  Annual Consignment Auction
August 2017  DX Engineering's Shack Grounding with Tim Duffy, K3LR ;
July 2017  SJRA 2017 Field Day, Ken, K2WB ;
June 2017  Past SJRA Field Days, Ken, K2WB ;
April 2017 Shack Tour, Joe, KC2TN
March 2017 Visual/virtual tours of SJRA Member Stations - N2RG, Ray; KD2PHM, Joe; W2SDJ, John; N2AK, Mario; W2JAZ, Rick
February 2017 Bull Session Following Meeting
January 2017 White Elephant Auction
December 2016 SJRA Annual Holiday Party - Dinner, Desert and Awards
November 2016 Rick Lawn, W2JAZ, An introduction to operating the Amateur Radio Satellites
October 2016 Mario Dianora, N2AK, Demonstrates the basics of using EZNEC software to model antennas
September 2016 Annual Consignment Auction
August 2016 Matt Groghens, N2IDW, Demonstrates the SDR-Play & FunCube Dongle as standalone SDR receivers and for K3 panadapter
July 2016 Ken Botterbrodt, K2WB - Field Day Recap
June 2016 Ken Botterbrodt, K2WB - Field Day 2016
May 2016 Storm Robotics Team
April 2016 John Hill, W2HUV shows how he got hooked on using Remote Ham Radio Stations
March 2016 SJRA Web Team - How to post articles on the SJRA website
February 2016 White Elephant and Consignment Auction
January 2016 Estate Auction
December 2015 Holiday Party - Dinner, Dessert and Awards
November 2015 Tony Canuso, N2ATB, discusses D-Star and other digital voice modes
October 2015 Jason Halpern from Gridless Power discusses alternate sources of emergency power
Septmber 2015 Storm Robotics Team
August 2015 Bob Applegate, K2UT, Arduino and Raspberry Pi applications for ham radio
July 2015 Ken Botterbrodt, K2WB, Field Day Recap
June 2015 Ken Botterbrodt, K2WB, Upcoming Field Day Info
May 2015 Ken Botterbrodt, K2WB, Overview of N1MM
April 2015 George Heron N2APB, Elmer 101: learn circuit theory and trouble shooting while building a QRP transceiver.
March 2015 Sheldon Parker, K2MEN, Radio controlled models (Rescheduled)
February 2015 White Elephant Auction
January 2015 Estate Auction
December 2014 Holiday Party - Dinner, Dessert and Awards
November 2014 Sheldon Parker, K2MEN, Radio controlled models
October 2014 Mario Dianora, N2AK, Homebrew Project Part IV: Digital Frequency Readout for the QRP Station
Septmber 2014 SJRA Annual Consignment Auction
August 2014 Dennis Cioffi, AC2FO, Ham Radio Deluxe and Logbook of The World Richard Lawn, W2JAZ, Discussion of upcoming program interests
July 2014 Elections for two vacant Director positions Ken Botterbrodt, K2WB, Field Day Recap
June 2014 Ken Botterbrodt, K2WB, Upcoming Field Day Info
May 2014 STORM Robotics Team Demonstration
April 2014 Skip Arey, N2EI, Continuous Wave Morse Code Transmission
March 2014 Ray Golley, N3RG, How to Roll Your Own Antenna
February 2014 White Elephant Auction (plus Estate Auction, which was cancelled in January due to weather conditions)
January 2014 Estate Auction
December 2013 Holiday Party - Dinner, Dessert and Awards at The Gibson House
November 2013 Nobel Laureate (1993) and Princeton University Professor Joseph H. Taylor will speak on topics of interest to amateur radio operators.  Dr. Taylor is the author of WSJT and JT65 programs, and a lifetime honorary member of the SJRA.
October 2013 Homebrew Project Part III: Build a 40m CW Transmitter
September 2013 Member's Auction
August 2013 Ray Golley, N3RG & Joe Fisher, KC2TN on VHF Weak Signals
July 2013 LARC Regional Director Robert Rose, AA3RR, on the VE Program
June 2013 Post Field Day Info
May 2013 Club Elections followed by STORM Robotics Team Demonstration
April 2013 Walt Andariese, W2WLJ: "Hilltop to Hilltop in 1840: Signals Across New Jersey"
March 2013 Webteam on the SJRA Web Site
February 2013 White Elephant Auction
January 2013 Member's Auction
December 2012 Holiday Party - Dinner at Tarantella's and Dessert/Awards at The Gibson House
November 2012 Homebrew Project Part II: Build a 40m CW Receiver
October 2012 Homebrew Project Part I: Build a 40m CW Receiver
September 2012 SJRA Annual Consignment Auction
August 2012 John Zuruba, K2ZA, on EMCOMM Digital Communications
July 2012 Dr. Tiffany Berth discusses Modern Hearing Aid Benefits for Ham Radio Operators
June 2012 2012 Field Day Wrap Up
May 2012 FIRST Robotics Team Demonstration
April 2012 Cory Sickles, WA3UVV, Homebrew Show and Tell. Ideas, and lots of info on what’s available in the homebrew market.
March 2012 Brenden McNeil, W3VD, with an introduction and demonstration of D-Star
February 2012 White Elephant Auction
January 2012 Tim and James on the SJRA Web Site