The South Jersey Radio Association operates three repeaters in the South Jersey area. Our repeaters are open for public use without restriction. 

The K2AA repeater is a FM/ Yaesu System Fusion enabled repeater with WIRES-X connectivity. The repeater is located on this water tower near Medford, NJ. The height of the water tower is 175 feet, providing nearly a 25-mile nominal range.

The K2UK Repeater located in Pine Hill, NJ is an FM/ Yaesu System Fusion enabled repeater providing a range of 30 Miles.


The SJRA hosts numerous nets throughout each month.
Our Net Format is General Discussion with topics and comments selected by stations calling in.
Topics and comments respect all people and comply with FCC rules. Politics and Religion are discouraged.
Participation only required a valid license. 

Click HERE to view the net schedule and HERE to access the calendar 

Repeater System Status

Our current repeater is a yaesu DR-2X 144/ 430 Dual Band C4FM/ FM Digital Repeater. This replaced the  former  Icom IC-FR5000 repeater that was in operation for many years.

The repeater is currently configured for Auto/Auto Automatic Mode Select (AMS) mode to allow both analog and digital operation.
The AMS function automatically recognizes a signal as C4FM digital or conventional FM, and then
the DR-1X repeater retransmits the signal using the preset communications mode.

We encourage members to not use WIRES-X during morning and afternoon drive times so the majority of our members can enjoy the repeater on FM. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Yaesu System Fusion

Both the K2AA and K2UK repeaters are linked on DN Mode via WIRES-X. This allows our members to communicate on both repeaters expanding our coverage area on System Fusion by 30+ miles. 

Each repeater is connected via RF link to a Yaesu HRI-200 node controller. The HRI-200 nodes communicate over the internet which connects allows the repeaters to be parked on the same node, K2AA-SJRA.

By default, both repeaters are connected to the SJRA room. Members can change the room of either repeater to talk to any other room worldwide. We encourage members to take advantage of our WIRES-X setup and have fun. 

Please be mindful of drive times and scheduled nets. Common courtesy is expected. Thank you for your cooperation. 

SJRA Repeater System Topography